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ツアーを制した選手たちに敬意を表して。PING本社には、歴代のウイニングパターを黄金で制作し、その栄光を讃えるパターの貯蔵庫「VAULT」があります。その名を冠した「VAULT」パターは、勝利をつかむためにあらゆる技術を工芸品のような気品を身にまとったモデル。新TR溝も加わり、303ステンレス / 6061アルミニウム削り出しで、素材とデザインにこだわった5モデルがラインナップしました。

PING PING Vault モデル

PING PING Vault テクノロジー

  • PING Gold Putter Vault

    Gold Putter Vault

    PING Vault putters are named for our famous Gold Putter Vault, which gleams with gold-plated and solid-gold replicas of winning PING putters, today numbering close to 3,000. 
  • CNC Milled Putter

    Precision Milling

    Heads are engineered to exacting standards and fully machined to the tightest tolerances. This ensures premium quality and precision in look, feel and sound.
  • CNC Milling Face

    New Face Technology

    The individually milled True-Roll face pattern varies in depth and pitch across the face, which speeds up off-center impacts, ultimately leading to fewer three-putts.
  • Quality Check of Milled Putter

    Quality crafted

    Precision milling of the mallets takes place at PING headquarters in our machine shop, where craftsmen oversee every detail, including milling of the TR face technology.

Ping PING Vault パター

Grip Profile Description
PING Pistol PP62
PING Pistol PP62
PING Pistol PP62 profile Contoured pistol shape fits naturally into the palm and fingertips for more-consistent grip pressure. It's lightweight (68g) and made from a soft, tacky polymer to ensure a comfortable feel.
PP65 Black/Mach Blue
PP65 Black/Mach Blue
PP65 Black/Mach Blue  profile This oversize design helps quiet the wrists using a narrow elliptical bottom that transitions to a larger-diameter pistol grip shape at the upper end of the grip. Made from a soft, tacky polymer to ensure a comfortable feel. Upcharge applies.
PP58 MIDSIZE BLACK profile The Midsize PP58 Black rubber grip is designed to keep the wrists firm and ensure a stable stroke for improved accuracy and consistency.